After-school coding at St Kents

We’re back! After a break (for you know what), Code Champions is re-starting its after-school coding classes in Terms 3 and 4.

We’ll be running a 15-week course across the two remaining terms of the year, introducing students to some of the basic elements of computer coding, primarily using the Python programming language. (For more see What is Python and why do we use it?)

No coding experience is necessary. Most students will have done some coding in school class but there are no specific requirements to join us. This is a standalone course and students will learn all they need to know during our sessions to successfully complete the activities.

However, there are two things to note.

  1. Almost all the coding we’ll be doing is text based, in other words we write the code in letters and symbols, as opposed to using pre-coded blocks, like Scratch and Blockly.
  2. We will start from the basics with Python and, although we’ll also move fairly quickly, if your child has done a lot of work with the language already, it may not be suitable for them. (Please check with us.)

Ages, times and dates

Classes are on Thursday and for students in Years 4, 5 and 6 from the Boys’ and Girls’ Schools. The location is yet to be confirmed but we’ll most likely be in the new building. There will be two groups, (ages are a rough guide and, ultimately, will depend on demand):

  • 3.30-4.25pm (Year 4); and
  • 4.30-5.25pm (Years 5 and 6).

Provisionally, the dates are:

Python code for a random number game
  • Term 3: 4, 11, 18 and 25 August, and 1, 8, 15 and 22 September
  • Term 4: 20 and 27 October, 3, 10, 17 and 24 November, and 1 December

The choice of age groups is with an eye on classes next year (when everyone will be a year older). However, depending on demand, we will review what we offer. Kids of all ages can code but we have limited time and resources and, unfortunately, can’t accommodate everyone. If your child doesn’t currently fall into these age groups, please feel free to register below and we’ll keep you updated on future courses.


The cost for the full two-term, 15-week course is $525 per student. A computer, software and learning materials are provided. We suggest students have a pad and pen for notes, and they may prefer to use their own mouse (rather than use a trackpad). Other than that, all we need them to bring is an enthusiasm for coding!

Register your interest

To take the next steps in computer coding and extend your child’s programming skills, please submit your details below. (Enquiries will be processed in the order we receive them.)

Hopefully, this covers most things. If you have any questions or need further information, you can contact us at Otherwise, we can’t wait to get going again and looking forward to seeing everyone next term!

Code Champions June 2022