Holiday coding course, 12-14 April

Maqueen robot

We’ll be running a coding course in the first week of the Easter break, Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 April.

The coding will focus on the micro:bit ( The class will suit those who have already done a previous holiday course with me, where they were introduced to the micro:bit. However, even if your child hasn’t previously coded with the micro:bit, they can still join us, as we’ll be going over the basics again anyway.

Once everyone’s up to speed, I’ll be taking the group on the next step, with some new code and integrating the micro:bit with a Maqueen robot. We’ll be programming the robot to move and perform tasks, which will be a lot of fun. Plus, there will be some other activities, as well.

When: Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 April

Time: 9.15am-3pm

Where: DVC Room, Saint Kentigern School (same as the after-school coding classes)

Cost: $345  (which includes use of a laptop, micro:bit and Maqueen robot – everyone gets their own to use)

Places are limited, and will be booked on a first come, first in basis. If you’re interested and would like to book a spot – or have any questions – please contact Greg Adams on

Code Champions March 2023

Telling the digital time

Part of the digital clock code

After last week’s fun with emojis, yesterday we started to explore Tkinter, a Python library for creating a GUI, or Graphical User Interface (the way we visually interact with computers).

We’ll be working with this further next term but kicked things off with a digital clock.

Using the GUI and time modules, we worked our way through setting up the size and look of the clock (the fonts and colours were chosen by the students).

Most of the code was straightforward but there were a few tricky bits. So, well done to everyone for successfully completing the task.

This was the last class of Term 1. The first class back in Term 2 is on Thursday 27 April.

Code Champions March 2023

The detail’s in the designs

Example of code for a spiral

For the last couple of weeks, the Wednesday groups have been working with the Turtle module. This allows them to draw and create simple (and not-so-simple) line and colour images.

We started with basic lines, then shapes, likes squares and triangles. This week, the classes tackled a circle, before adapting their codes to include multiple circles and shapes, such as a target.

Another code they tried was a spiral, which has some quite complex coding and a ‘loop’.

The results were impressive, as was their eagerness to experiment and try different ways of writing the code to create various outcomes.

Code Champions March 2023

We’re up and running for Term 1

It was great to start our after-school coding classes this week, especially the two brand new groups on Wednesday. All four classes were keen and enthusiastic, getting struck right in to the work.

We will be continuing the learning journey with Python. For the new young coders, congratulations on writing your first Python code, print (‘kia ora world!)

There’s a tiny bit of homework, asking the following:

  • How did Python get its name?
  • When was Python first released?
  • And find our another fact about Python

Take care and stay safe as Cyclone Gabrielle bears down on us. See you all next week.

Code Champions February 2023

Looking forward to coding in 2023!

With the new term nearly upon us, we’re busy preparing for our after-school coding classes in 2023.

During Terms 1 and 2, we’ll be running groups on Wednesday and Thursday at Saint Kentigern, for students at the Boys’ and Girls’ Schools. The 15-week course will continue our journey with the Python programming language. (What is Python and why do we use it?)

For more information, please go to

Or contact us on

Code Champions January 2023

More than halfway through Term 4

We can hardly believe it but we’re now more than halfway through Term 4. There are just three more classes before we end the year.

Well done to everyone who completed their adventure games. You showed great application to come up with your ideas and put them into practice.

For the next two weeks, we’ll we focusing on the ‘turtle’ module and using it to draw and create images.

Code Champions November 2022

That’s it for coding this term

That’s coding done for this term – there is no class this week.

We hope all our young coders are enjoying learning Python. Learning text-based coding is challenging, especially accuracy, which is probably the main thing we’re working on. But considering it’s only been eight classes, we have progressed really well.

We start back in the first week of Term 4, on Thursday 20 October. See you then!

Enjoy the holidays.

Code Champions September 2022

No coding classes in Term 1

Unfortunately, we have decided not to run coding classes in Term 1.

With the obvious uncertainties, we don’t feel confident in planning and organising classes only to have them cancelled or conditions changed. (We haven’t even been able to definitely secure all venues yet.)

So, sadly, we won’t see you this term. We hope our young coders will still find some time to practise programming and we look forward to seeing everyone again very soon.

The Code Champions team.

What happens to our old laptops?

Every couple of years we upgrade our laptops, which means we’re left with having to deal with the old ones. Generally, the devices are still in good shape, so we try to find a new home for them.

Recently, we donated two sets of ‘retired’ laptops. One set went to Glen Innes Primary School; the other is on its way to Samoa with Pacific Assist (, a charity providing learning resources to communities in the South Pacific.