Guide for using Qubes

Teaching Resource: Qubes (pronounced ‘Cubes’)
URL:  —  type into browser address bar rather than Googling.
Requirements: Modern device with hardware-accelerated 3D (Laptop, Chromebook, PC, …), with keyboard and mouse/touchpad.
Supported Browser: Chrome (latest version)  —  other browsers lack compliance with required standards; latest Firefox may work.


Login details

Username: {first name} {last name initial} – {2 letter school code}  —  all lower case, no spaces.
Password: {first name}  —  all lower case.
School codes: School where session is attended

  • cp  —  Churchill Park
  • mb  —  Meadow Bank
  • mc  —  Marist College
  • sh  —  St Heliers
For example:
  • Russell Forest @ Meadowbank  ⇒  russellf-mb  /  russell
  • Anna Dapter @ Marist College  ⇒  annad-mc  /  anna
  • Wilma Cargo-Far @ St Heliers  ⇒  wilmac-sh  /  wilma

 Issues accessing Qubes?

If still having issues, email with:

  • Student name and School where session is attended.
  • Parent contact details.
  • Operating System + version, Make, and Model of the device.
  • A screenshot of the Developer Tools Console, straight after a page reload/refresh:
    1. Open the Developer Tools.  NOTE: If using the keyboard shortcut method, click in the Address Bar then use the shortcut as Qubes blocks those key-presses in the main window  —
    2. Ensure the ‘Console’ tab is selected.  If the console isn’t docked at the bottom (for the greatest horizontal width) then click the ┇ menu and choose the “Dock to bottom” dock side.
    3. Refresh the browser tab on the URL to generate a fresh console log.  Wait until the tab has finished loading  —  e.g.
    4. Take a screenshot, ensuring it shows as much of the end of the console output as possible  —
    5. Attach the screenshot to your email.

You may be asked to supply additional information; instructions will be provided.  Thank you for your assistance!

Join us to learn coding in Term 3

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost at the end of Term 2. The year is flying by.

We are now busy planning for Term 3, beginning after the July holidays, and will be continuing our after-school coding classes at several locations across Auckland. Check out venues and dates at

If your son or daughter would like to join us and give coding a try, please let us know and we can check if a place is available. Or if you have any questions, just get in touch at

A great term’s coding at St Heliers School

20180510_155546This week was the last for our young coders at St Heliers School (it was a slightly shortened term as we had to avoid a school activity in the last week).

Thanks to everyone who participated. We hope you enjoyed your coding with Peter and look forward to seeing you again next term.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the coding sessions at St Heliers School should contact us at