20171107_163356.jpgCode Champions is an after-school programme bringing computer coding to school students.

Courses run each term and teach computer programming, starting with the basic elements and moving to more complex skills as required. Lessons combine instruction with hands-on activity.

Classes are small and grouped by age/ability. The sessions are one hour in length and a computer is provided for use during class time.

Computer coding is one of the most important digital skills to have in today’s hi-tech world. Combine this with the fact that schools are starting to implement a Digital Curriculum and it means coding is now part of modern learning.

Whether your daughter or son is interested in computer coding or you just want to give them a head start in their studies, is new to coding or has some experience, Code Champions is for you. We run after-school classes teaching computer programming. We host courses at schools and aim to introduce students to the basic principles of coding and computational thinking.

Our philosophy for learning coding

20171107_162719Computer coding is complex. From multiple languages to multiple uses, there is no single way to code … so we don’t believe there is any single way to teach coding. Our aim is to introduce and expose students to some of the basic principles of programming. We don’t teach any one language or program but draw on a number to illustrate and practise coding techniques.


Our tutors work to help kids understand the computational thinking and processes involved, and give them the knowledge and confidence to tackle and solve the coding challenges they face. We also encourage students to continue their exploration away from the class, whether working on things we’ve given them or their own coding projects.

Growing in 2018

IMG_2926[1]Code Champions began as an idea and a parent-led trial in late 2016. Last year, courses were launched at Saint Kentigern Boys’ School and Churchill Park School. These were very popular and showed how successful this approach could be. In 2018, we’re expanding to host sessions at four additional schools, as well as adding Secondary students to our classes: St Heliers School; Kohimarama School; Marist College; and Saint Kentigern College. More than 100 students are participating this term.



Code Champions is supported by INTERFACE, a monthly magazine supporting the use of e-learning in schools. More at interfaceonline.co.nz