Great to get coding again

It’s been awesome to start up our after-school classes again in Term 3.

We hope our young coders have enjoyed themselves this week. And welcome to our new tutor Hamish Thompson.

Here’s to a term of fun and learning.

Holiday Programme: Day 2

Well done to all our young coders for another excellent day. 

We continued with our work using the micro:bit. Today, they created a step counter, a Magic 8-Ball, and a compass, among other things.

Holiday programme: Day 1

A very warm welcome to everyone joining us for our holiday programme during this current school break, 6-8 July.

The focus of the three days is coding with the BBC micro:bit, plus a few extra coding challenges, as well.

Today’s activities included creating a Rock, Paper Scissors games, a coin toss function, and making a 6-number Die.