What happens to our old laptops?

Every couple of years we upgrade our laptops, which means we’re left with having to deal with the old ones. Generally, the devices are still in good shape, so we try to find a new home for them.

Recently, we donated two sets of ‘retired’ laptops. One set went to Glen Innes Primary School; the other is on its way to Samoa with Pacific Assist (www.pacificassist.org), a charity providing learning resources to communities in the South Pacific.

No coding classes for the remainder of 2021

Unfortunately, we won’t be holding coding classes in Term 4.

We feel we need some certainty and, even if our venues open up, there’s no guarantee they’ll allow after-school activities, so we’ve made the decision to call it quits for the term.

We will refund tuition fees not used from Term 3. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@codechampions.nz

If an opportunity opens up to run a holiday programme before Christmas, we will let you know.

Here’s to getting coding again in 2022!

The Code Champions Team.