That’s it for Term 3

That’s it for after-school coding this term. I hope our young coders have enjoyed the sessions, albeit with the unexpected break in the middle.

The St Heliers Centre group continued their work with JavaScript this week. Here’s the code for the test marks, if you want to try it again or modify.

Book for Term 4

Looking ahead, we’ll be running after-school classes again next term at Churchill Park School (Tuesdays), Glendowie School (Wednesdays), St Heliers Centre (Thursdays), and Saint Kentigern Boys’ School (Thursdays). If you’re interested in any of these, let us know and we’ll send through the details

Holiday course

Lastly, we’ll also be hosting a two-day holiday programme in the upcoming school break at MOTAT on Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 October (the course the week earlier at SKBS is fully booked). There’s more information at 

Some action from Thursday’s first session at St Heliers Centre.

Creating a chatbot

Well done with creating your chatbots this week. It’s an interesting process with plenty of coding processes to learn and put together.

Here the Churchill Park School group get to grips with their food ordering chatbots.

It’s great to start back coding

Six of our after-school classes started up again this week; the remainder do so next week.

It was great to see our young coders get back coding. We look forward to having a uninterrupted run to the end of term.

Here the St Heliers groups take part in their sessions.