Completing our first full week of Term 1 at St Heliers School

Yesterday’s inaugural classes at St Heliers School completed our first full week of Term 1.

It was another great afternoon of coding. The two groups of eager coders really got stuck in, exploring and creating code, and manipulating 3D images. (The Year 8 class was away on camp, so will kick off next week.)

Run by Peter Miller, the class this term is using BeetleBlocks ( as the platform for developing the students’ knowledge and understanding of computer programming. They made an awesome start. Well done. Roll on next week.

Check out some of the action from the first session.


Coding at Marist College

On Wednesday, we started our coding classes at Marist College – our first at a girls-only school.

It was great to see two groups of eager coders getting stuck in, exploring and creating code, and manipulating 3D images.

Run by Peter Miller, the class this term is using BeetleBlocks ( as the platform for developing the girls’ knowledge and understanding of computer programming. They made an awesome start and thanks, as well, to the senior girls who gave a helping hand.

Photos by Teresa Wilkinson

First ever classes at Kohimarama School

It was great to kick-off classes at Kohimarama School yesterday – our first ever at the school. Thanks to our awesome young coders. Unity is a coding platform that will be new to most of them. They were great and really got stuck in.

The basics of the lesson were to program an image of Earth to rotate and stars to flicker around it. That was achieved and more. Now they will be working towards creating their own game this term.

Meet LogicBots

logicbots 1Some of you have asked to find out more about LogicBots, the game created by one of our tutors, Kenneth Ward.

LogicBots is a puzzle game where robots are used to complete the various levels. But first you have to design and build your own unique robot to complete the challenges. It’s a lot of fun. Give it a go!

logicbots 2.jpg

The website is

The game is available on STEAM at

You can read more about LogicBots in INTERFACE Magazine at

Or watch this independent video reviewer


Kicking off Term 1 in style

Rotating Earth. Flickering stars. Even a giant penguin in space! Yesterday’s classes at Saint Kentigern Boys’ School were a great way to kick off our coding year.

Using game development platform Unity (, the groups learned about ways to code images in a 2D virtual environment, making them rotate and flicker.

Thanks to our awesome students for giving it your best. This term you’ll be working towards making a game app of your own. We’re looking forward to seeing what you create.

Classes at Churchill Park School, Kohimarama School, St Heliers School, Marist College, and Saint Kentigern College start next week.


Welcome to Code Champions.

Computer coding is one of the most important digital skills to have in today’s hi-tech world. Combine this with the fact that schools are starting to implement a Digital Curriculum and it means coding is now part of modern learning.

Whether your daughter or son is interested in computer coding or you just want to give them a head start in their studies, Code Champions is for you. We run after-school classes teaching computer programming. We host courses at schools and aim to introduce students to the basic principles of coding and computational thinking.

More classes and more students in 2018

After a successful 2017, we’re excited to get coding again this year – and taking our classes to more schools and more students!

This year, we’ll again be running sessions at Saint Kentigern Boys’ School and Churchill Park School. In addition, we’re expanding to host sessions at four additional schools, as well as adding Secondary students to our classes: St Heliers School; Kohimarama School; Marist College; and Saint Kentigern College. In total, more than 100 students are participating this term.

Everyone participating should have received information about when and where classes will be. If you haven’t, please let us know.

There are a handful of places still available. If you’re interested in signing up or just finding out a bit more about us get in touch at

Our philosophy for learning coding

Computer coding is complex. From multiple languages to multiple uses, there is no single way to code … so we don’t believe there is any single way to teach coding. Our aim is to introduce and expose students to some of the basic principles of programming. We don’t teach any one language or program but draw on a number to illustrate and practise coding techniques.

Our tutors work to help kids understand the processes involved, and give them the knowledge and confidence to tackle and solve the coding challenges they face. We also encourage students to continue their exploration away from the class, whether working on things we’ve given them or their own coding projects.