Guide for using Qubes

Teaching Resource: Qubes (pronounced ‘Cubes’)
URL:  —  type into browser address bar rather than Googling.
Requirements: Modern device with hardware-accelerated 3D (Laptop, Chromebook, PC, …), with keyboard and mouse/touchpad.
Supported Browser: Chrome (latest version)  —  other browsers lack compliance with required standards; latest Firefox may work.


Login details

Username: {first name} {last name initial} – {2 letter school code}  —  all lower case, no spaces.
Password: {first name}  —  all lower case.
School codes: School where session is attended

  • cp  —  Churchill Park
  • mb  —  Meadow Bank
  • mc  —  Marist College
  • sh  —  St Heliers
For example:
  • Russell Forest @ Meadowbank  ⇒  russellf-mb  /  russell
  • Anna Dapter @ Marist College  ⇒  annad-mc  /  anna
  • Wilma Cargo-Far @ St Heliers  ⇒  wilmac-sh  /  wilma

 Issues accessing Qubes?

If still having issues, email with:

  • Student name and School where session is attended.
  • Parent contact details.
  • Operating System + version, Make, and Model of the device.
  • A screenshot of the Developer Tools Console, straight after a page reload/refresh:
    1. Open the Developer Tools.  NOTE: If using the keyboard shortcut method, click in the Address Bar then use the shortcut as Qubes blocks those key-presses in the main window  —
    2. Ensure the ‘Console’ tab is selected.  If the console isn’t docked at the bottom (for the greatest horizontal width) then click the ┇ menu and choose the “Dock to bottom” dock side.
    3. Refresh the browser tab on the URL to generate a fresh console log.  Wait until the tab has finished loading  —  e.g.
    4. Take a screenshot, ensuring it shows as much of the end of the console output as possible  —
    5. Attach the screenshot to your email.

You may be asked to supply additional information; instructions will be provided.  Thank you for your assistance!

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