BBC micro:bit – Transferring a file directly

Files can be transferred directly to a micro:bit in the format of a .HEX file. This process is called ‘flashing’.

.HEX files

Standing for ‘Intel hexadecimal object’ file format (or Intel hex format or Intellec Hex), this is a file format that conveys binary information in ASCII text form. It is commonly used for programming microcontrollers, like the BBC micro:bit.

hex file


To flash the .HEX file, simply drag and drop it on to the micro:bit drive.


microbit drive


The LED on the back of your BBC micro:bit flashes during the transfer (which should only take a few seconds).

Once transferred, the code will run automatically on your BBC micro:bit. To rerun your program, press the reset button on the back of your BBC micro:bit. The reset button automatically runs the newest file on the BBC micro:bit.

By copying the program onto the MICROBIT drive, you have programmed it into the flash memory on the micro:bit, which means even after you unplug the micro:bit, your program will still run if the micro:bit is powered by battery.

Factory reset

To wipe a micro:bit’s memory, find the file titled ‘OutOfBoxExperience’ and drag it onto the MICROBIT drive.

The micro:bit’s LED lights will show the original ‘Hello’ program.